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"Building Boxing Talent For The Future!"

About Us

The Story

Sugar Bert began boxing as a young adult. in the sunny state of Florida.  His skills and dedication led him to winning the Golden Gloves and the opportunity to train with super stars like Sugar Ray Leonard, and Treveor Berbick. Shortly after Sugar Bert moved to Georgia to further his boxing career his daughter was born.  Her birth made him focus more on being a father and a provider, and less on being a boxer.  Soon after, Bert hung up the gloves.

Think Global

Sugar Bert Boxing Promotions recently announced its future plans to expand nationally starting in 2016 to over 100 cities! In partnership with our sponsors, we will be taking our amateur events to four different cities annually for the National Qualifier Championships which will advance to the Sugar Bert Boxing Promotions National Championship with the awarded destination at the end of each year.


Headquartered in Atlanta Georgia, the Sugar Bert Boxing Promotions National Qualifiers and Championships, will attract thousands of amateur boxers, coaches, and families annually for years to come.  We look to increase exposure to up and coming amateur boxers. 

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About Us


Boxing Legend - Evander Holyfield

"I truly believe that the fighters of today don't fight as often as we did when we were amateur, which made us better, seasoned fighters.  Now Sugar Bert has come in with something to give fighters more opportunitites and experience.  You can't come in to professional boxing with only 10 amateur fights.  I fought 164 fights as an amateur before I turned professional.  People ask me "how did you become so great?", amateur boxing!"   -Evander Holyfield

Former USA Boxing President - John Brown

"This is an incredible undertaking by Sugar Bert.  His tournaments bring fighters in from all over the country, so they're able to offer the best competition out there!" -John Brown

Former USA Boxing VP - DJ Walton

"The thing about Sugar Bert Boxing is bringing people in from all over the nation, giving them an opportunity to compete for a belt.  Also, being able to expose amateurs to different kinds of styles, coaching, venues, and cities.  SBBP tournaments are well administered and very professionally ran.  Without events, we don't have a sport.  There are a hand-full of tournaments that these kids can compete at, and Sugar Bert has 3-4 happening each year.  Such an incredible achievement by Sugar Bert!" -DJ Walton

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  • If we boxed at a qualifier at one weight class are we held to that weight class at nationals?

    • No, your weight for competition at Nationals will be declared upon surrender of your passbook during registration.

  • If I cannot come to the tournament, will there be someone that can work my athletes corner?

    • Yes, please let a staff member know at registration of your needs.

  • Is head gear with cheek protectors allowed or will open face only be accepted?

    • Open face headgear is required for Junior, Youth, & Elite divisions. Masters must wear AIBA/USAB approved Masters headgear. All other divisions may wear cheek protectors.

  • Will master bouts have the option of time for their matches?

    • All Masters bouts, tournament or matched, will consist of 3 rounds 1.5 minutes in duration.

  • Does a boxer weigh in each day?

    • Athletes will only weigh-in and have a pre-bout medical exam on the days they compete.

  • Is there a weight allowance?

    • No, zero-tolerance will be given for an athlete being overweight for the weight category in which they are entered into the tournament.

  • Does my boxer need to be present at the start of weigh-ins?

    • Yes, if you are not present at the time your name is called, you will be disqualified.

  • Can I use gym wraps when we compete?

    • Valpeau or gauze & tape are the only permissible wraps for competition.

  • Does the coach need credentials to work the corner?

    • All coaches will receive credentials at registration which must be worn in the FOP at all times.

  • Will my athlete compete more than once each day?

    •  No, all athletes will compete no more than once in a 24 hour period.

  • Can I wear whatever uniform I choose in the ring?

    • Athletes are required to wear loose fitting trunks with a contrasting waist band and a sleeveless boxing shirt. The trunks may not have flaps, sequins, fringes, or be gladiator/thai in style. No part of the athlete’s uniform may have nicknames, phrases, slogans, or tape of any kind.

  • Can I wear a mouthpiece with any color or design?

    • Mouthpieces may not be orange, pink, or red in any shade.

  •  I brought my own boxing equipment, can I use it? 

    • Competition gloves will be provided. All other equipment will be the responsibility of the athlete.

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Contact Us

Contact Us

Sugar Bert Boxing Promotions, LLC


(770) 833-7888

Lisa Wells - Executive Administrator

 ‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍Contact Number: (770) 83‍‍‍3-2424


thanks to our sponsors!

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